Why Homes are More Expensive in South Redondo than North Redondo Beach

By Keith KyleNorth-Redondo-Townhome

For buyers (and sometimes even sellers) unfamiliar with the differences in local market in the South Bay, Redondo Beach is just one single real estate market.  In reality the differences between neighborhoods can be significant and home values and prices show a clear distinction between similar homes in North Redondo and South Redondo.    The city has a number of distinctive neighborhoods but the main sections are broken into North and South and the dividing line is basically 190th Street.  North Redondo is quite a bit less expensive due to the location as it sits behind Hermosa and Manhattan Beach so there are no homes with ocean views and the feel of the area is different as it’s not along the water.  South Redondo ends at the beach and the ocean to the west and has a unique beach charm and homes often have great views.  The recent listings and sales of very similar homes, both in terms of style, layout, size and new construction, make clear the differences in values.

219 S Juanita AV # A, – South Redondo Beach
Listed at $1,269,000
Built in 2014
2452 square feet 4 bed/4.5 bath
Front unit of a 2 on a lot townhome

2002 Voorhees #A, North Redondo Beach
Sold at $900,000
Built 2014
2500 square feet, 4 bed/3.5 bath
Front unit of a 2 on a lot

2021 Gates #A – North Redondo Beach
Sold at $959,000
Built 2013
2508 square feet, 4 bed/3.5 bath
Front unit of a 2 on a lot

Below is a map showing the general layout, location and dividing lines between north and south Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Real Estate Map

Areas 151-154 are North Redondo and 155-157 are South Redondo

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