Redondo Beach October Home Sales

October 2018 saw 70 homes sell and close escrow in Redondo Beach.  The average list price was just over $1,112,066 with an average sold price of $1,112,556.  When the sold price is higher than the average list price it indicates a very strong sellers market.

The median list price was $1,062,000 with the median sold price at $1,054,000.  The average price per foot was $615.86.  Click here to view the current homes for sale in South Redondo Beach or current North Redondo beach active listings.  The highest sale of the month was at $2,949,000 for a 5 bedroom, 4700 square foot single family home in the Hollywood Riviera.  The lowest price of the month was $400,000 for a 1 bedroom condo in the 55+ community of Breakwater Village.

October 2018 Sold Homes in Redondo Beach.

Type   Address  Price   $ Per Foot  Bed/Bed Sq Feet Year Built
CONDO/A 2750 Artesia BLVD #354  $          400,000
 $    526.32
1/0,1,0,0 760/A 2007/ASR
CONDO/A 2015 Bataan RD #105  $          445,000
 $    558.34
1/1,0,0,0 797/A 1969/ASR
CONDO/A 818 Camino Real #202  $          572,000
 $    586.67
2/1,1,0,0 975/A 1970/ASR
CONDO/A 610 The Village #205  $          640,000
 $ 1,033.93 1/1,0,0,0 619/A 1974/ASR
CONDO 610 The Village #214  $          648,375
 $ 1,047.46 1/1,0,0,0 619/A
CONDO/A 2000 Mathews AVE #4  $          650,000
 $    525.04
2/1,0,1,0 1238/A 1977/PUB
CONDO/A 650 The Village #204  $          662,000
 $ 1,069.47 1/1,0,0,0 619/A 1974/ASR
TWNHS/A 1911 Mathews AVE #3  $          677,000
 $    488.46
2/1,0,2,0 1386/A 1978/PUB
TWNHS/A 2217 Vanderbilt LN #4  $          685,000
 $    640.19
2/1,0,1,0 1070/A 1985/ASR
TWNHS/A 2715 Vanderbilt LN #A  $          749,000
 $    458.10
3/2,0,1,0 1635/A 1981/ASR
TWNHS/A 2106 Rockefeller LN #F  $          760,000
 $    547.95
2/3,0,0,0 1387/A 1980/ASR
TWNHS/A 1112 Beryl ST #16  $          775,000
 $    625.00
2/1,1,1,0 1240/A 1975/ASR
TWNHS/A 2019 Rockefeller LN #C  $          800,000
 $    437.40
3/2,0,1,0 1829/A 1985/ASR
CONDO/A 535 Esplanade #402  $          810,000
 $    732.37
2/1,1,0,0 1106/A 1976/ASR
TWNHS/A 406 Avenue G #14  $          815,000
 $    562.46
3/2,0,1,0 1449/A 1987/ASR
TWNHS/A 708 El Redondo AVE #5  $          825,000
 $    535.37
2/2,0,1,0 1541/A 1980/ASR
CONDO 2301 MATHEWS AVE #B  $          826,000
 $    479.67
2/3,0,0,0 1722/ 1986
TWNHS/A 2519 Ruhland AVE #B  $          830,000
 $    500.91
3/2,0,1,0 1657/A 1999/ASR
TWNHS/A 834 N Lucia AVE #A  $          862,500
 $    562.26
3/2,0,0,0 1534/A 1973/ASR
SFR/D 2416 Sebald AVE  $          875,000
 $    700.00
2/1,0,0,0 1250/A 1945/ASR
TWNHS/D 18302 Grevillea AVE  $          887,250
 $    466.97
4/3,0,0,0 1900/P 2018/PUB
TWNHS/D 2301 Marshallfield LN #B  $          890,000
 $    463.30
3/2,0,1,0 1921/A 1984/ASR
TWNHS/D 2009 Nelson AVE #B  $          900,000
 $    431.24
3/2,0,1,0 2087/AP 1987/ASR
TWNHS/D 18300 Grevillea AVE  $          910,000
 $    478.95
4/3,0,0,0 1900/P 2018/PUB
TWNHS/D 18226 Grevillea AVE  $          910,000
 $    433.33
4/3,0,0,0 2100/SEE 2018/PUB
TWNHS/D 2104 Vanderbilt LN #A  $          915,000
 $    499.73
3/3,0,0,0 1831/A 2003/ASR
TWNHS/A 1409 Goodman AVE  $          950,000
 $    527.48
3/2,0,1,0 1801/A 1978/ASR
CONDO/D 2106 Nelson AVE #A  $          950,423
 $    442.67
4/2,0,1,0 2147/A 1991/ASR
SFR/A 1605 Havemeyer LN  $          975,000
 $    446.84
3/2,0,1,0 2182/A 1984/ASR
TWNHS/A 323 S Broadway #1  $          976,500
 $    670.21
3/1,1,1,0 1457/A 1974/ASR
SFR/D 1738 Carver ST  $          977,000
 $    723.70
3/2,0,0,0 1350/SEE 1965/ASR
SFR/D 2902 Spreckels CT  $          980,000
 $    647.29
3/2,0,0,0 1514/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 1632 Van Horne LN  $          990,000
 $    687.02
3/2,0,0,0 1441/A 1967/PUB
TWNHS/D 2005 Bataan RD #B  $       1,045,000
 $    481.79
4/3,0,0,0 2169/A 1999/APP
TWNHS/A 2414 Gates AVE #A  $       1,049,000
 $    481.19
4/2,0,1,0 2180/A 2005/ASR
SFR/D 321 S FRANCISCA AVE  $       1,060,000
 $ 1,291.11 2/1,0,0,0 821/A
TWNHS/A 2408 Phelan LN #B  $       1,070,000
 $    474.92
4/2,0,1,0 2253/A 1999/ASR
TWNHS/D 722 N Irena AVE #B  $       1,120,000
 $    693.93
3/2,0,1,0 1614/A 1999/ASR
CONDO/A 1010 S Catalina AVE #B  $       1,145,000
 $    750.82
3/3,0,0,0 1525/A 1980/ASR
SFR/D 1823 Pullman LN  $       1,157,000
 $    826.43
3/2,0,0,0 1400/A 1962/ASR
SFR/D 1732 Goodman AVE  $       1,165,000
 $    659.31
3/2,0,0,0 1767/A 1975/ASR
TWNHS/D 711 N Irena AVE #1  $       1,175,000
 $    416.37
3/2,0,1,0 2822/A 1984/ASR
TWNHS/A 708 Garnet ST  $       1,180,000
 $    597.77
3/3,0,0,0 1974/A 1989/ASR
TWNHS/D 1112 Vincent ST #B  $       1,180,000
 $    478.12
3/2,0,1,0 2468/A 1989/ASR
TWNHS/A 2310 Carnegie LN #C  $       1,185,000
 $    565.09
4/3,0,1,0 2097/B 2018/BLD
SFR/D 1738 Reed ST  $       1,185,000
 $    641.93
3/2,0,1,0 1846/A 1994/ASR
SFR/D 208 Via Buena Ventura  $       1,200,000
 $    890.87
3/1,0,1,0 1347/A 1951/ASR
TWNHS/A 2704 Blossom LN  $       1,215,000
 $    528.26
4/3,0,1,0 2300/E 2008/ASR
SFR/D 2215 Glick CT  $       1,245,000
 $    752.72
4/2,0,0,0 1654/A 1955/ASR
SFR/D 1802 Harper AVE  $       1,250,000
 $    505.25
3/3,0,0,0 2474/A 1987/ASR
TWNHS/A 205 N Irena AVE #A  $       1,260,000
 $    472.44
4/3,0,0,0 2667/B 2007/ASR
SFR/D 2005 Curtis AVE  $       1,265,000
 $    785.23
4/2,0,0,0 1611/A 1962/ASR
TWNHS/D 219 N Lucia AVE #A  $       1,285,000
 $    546.81
3/2,0,1,0 2350/A 2006/ASR
TWNHS/D 1404 Mackay LN  $       1,295,000
 $    462.50
5/3,0,1,0 2800/T 2004/ASR
TWNHS/A 302 S Catalina AVE #9  $       1,299,000
 $    511.01
3/2,0,1,0 2542/SEE 1992/ASR
SFR/D 1732 Wollacott ST  $       1,330,000
 $    664.67
3/2,0,1,0 2001/A 1986/ASR
SFR/D 1741 Stanford Avenue  $       1,350,000
 $    600.80
3/2,0,1,0 2247/AP 1981/APP
SFR/D 631 Avenue C  $       1,350,000
 $    716.56
3/2,0,0,0 1884/A 1926/ASR
SFR/D 722 Rita ST  $       1,350,000
 $    702.39
4/2,1,0,0 1922/A 1971/ASR
TWNHS/D 1912 Huntington LN #B  $       1,370,000
 $    533.07
4/3,0,1,0 2570/B 2017/BLD
TWNHS/A 625 S Broadway #3  $       1,379,000
 $    519.20
4/2,1,0,0 2656/A 1988/ASR
SFR/D 703 Avenue C  $       1,425,000
 $ 1,213.80 3/1,1,0,0 1174/A 1953/ASR
SFR/D 1736 Carlson LN  $       1,450,000
 $    603.16
3/3,0,1,0 2404/AP 2018/BLD
SFR/D 1607 Steinhart  $       1,570,000
 $    707.53
3/2,2,1,0 2219/A 2016/ASR
SFR/D 128 via los miradores  $       1,620,000
 $    659.88
4/1,1,1,0 2455/A 1956/ASR
SFR/D 237 Via Los Miradores  $       1,840,000
 $    691.99
5/3,0,1,0 2659/A 1953/ASR
SFR/D 2813 May AVE  $       1,840,000
 $    508.57
5/4,0,0,0 3618/D 2010/SEE
SFR/D 516 S Gertruda AVE  $       2,210,000
 $    583.11
4/3,0,1,0 3790/A 1997/ASR
SFR/D 425 S Irena AVE  $       2,300,000
 $    432.57
5/3,1,0,0 5317/A 2003/ASR
SFR/D 150 Paseo De Gracia  $       2,949,000
 $    622.81
5/2,2,2,0 4735/O 2015/BLD

Our Latest Listing – 6439 Denmead in Lakewood CA

This is the home you have been looking for.  From the moment you enter you’re struck by the bright and open concept layout perfect for today’s lifeastyle.  The home was recently expanded and extensively remodeled with no expense spared.  Enter through the beautiful glass front doors inset with decorative iron and into the expansive living room.  You are immediately struck by a sense of space found in only luxury homes. This custom redesign and remodel was inspired by the California lifestyle with open spaces and direct access to the oversize yard and patio with indoor outdoor living in mind.

  • Priced at $715,000
  • 3 Bedroom + office, 2 1/2 Bath
  • 1,850 Sq Feet
  • Huge 8000+ foot lot

The living room area opens directly to the kitchen and dining areas as well as the sliders to the backyard.  The kitchen is the true showcase of the home with quartz countertops, gleaming cabinetry, oversized kitchen island, black stainless steel appliances and custom LED lighting.  Perfect for entertaining, the kitchen offers plenty of room for family gatherings and neighborhood get togethers.   Sliders just off of the dining area make for the easy enjoyment of the great yard and patio areas and make for perfect indoor outdoor living.  The huge backyard offers an abundance of space from the large grassy yard to the mature avocado, tangerine, dwarf lemon, dwarf orange, persimmon trees to the raised garden beds.

With no direct neighbors off of the backyard the yard enjoys a fantastic level of privacy.  The home offers 3 spacious bedrooms including the beautiful master suite.  Enjoying great light with an abundance of windows and doors fronting the yard, the master suite offers the perfect retreat.  Dazzling master bath features include dual vanities, separate tub and frameless rain shower.  The additional two bedroom face the front of the home allowing great light and airflow with beautiful flooring, large windows and brushed nickel ceiling fans.  Hall bath enjoys beautiful tile work, frameless glass shower/tub and more.   Additional details in this wonderful home include a separate laundry room, power room off of the living area, large office area, new air conditioning unit, tankless water heater, solar power, and a two car detached garage.

Contact listing agent Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International Realty for more information or for a private showing.

709 Esplanade – Oceanfront Home For Sale in Redondo Beach CA

Without question the highest priced home currently on the market is the oceanfront home located at 709 Esplanade in South Redondo Beach. While there are numerous condo complexes on the Esplanade there are only a very small number of single family homes along Redondo’s waterfront street. 709 Esplanade is pretty unique in just about every way. While the location is the primary selling point the home is absolutely huge offering somewhere between 8,800 and 9,200 square feet. The home features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, many of which enjoy incredible and unblockable views. With 51 feet of ocean frontage this home is rare indeed.

The home has been on the market for almost 5 months and has an interesting history on the market.  It was on the market back in 2012 at $10,000,000 but was absolutely not the home it is today.  Picture almost 10,000 feet of pink tile and that pretty much sums up what it was like.  They struggled to sell and after many price drops and several realtors it finally sold at $6,350,000 in 2015.

The current owners did an extensive remodel of just about every surface to get it up to it’s current updated and clean look.  Being so unique they’re also searching for a unique buyer that can afford the price tag and wants a massive home in an area that a home half it’s size would be considered massive.  They’ve had one price reduction from the original $14,200,000 and it’s currently listed at $13,700,000 by Ed Kaminsky of Christies Strand Hill.

709 Esplanade, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (MLS # SB18085281)

(all data current as of 2/17/2019)
Price $11,900,000
Beds 5
Baths 6 baths
Home size 9,200 sq ft
Lot Size 7,453 sqft
Days on Market 311
Status Active
Contemporary, sleek and unquestionably modern, this landmark residence presents a spectacular oceanfront location on the southern sands of Redondo Beach. Three terraces and abundant picture windows welcome panoramic Pacific Ocean views that stretch from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Malibu’s Point Dume and encompass crashing waves, passing sail boats, a jetty, pier and shimmering lights after romantic sunsets. Centered around a soaring atrium with oversized skylight, the open and bright estate is generously proportioned at approximately 9,200 square feet and showcases 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, maid quarters with a separate entrance, grand rooms with slide-away doors to terraces and loggias, an 8-car garage, expansive media/game room and an elevator that serves all levels. Grand-scale and intimate entertaining are easily accommodated and complemented by amenities that include a pub-style wet bar, wine cellar, and a chef-caliber kitchen with island, bar seating, nook, marble countertops, beamed ceiling, chic cabinetry and high-end appliances including a pro range and built-in refrigerator. Recently updated and remodeled to exacting standards of excellence and craftsmanship, the palatial residence displays new stone flooring, handsome fireplaces, custom wrought-iron railings, dramatic archways, high ceilings, and a main terrace with a fire pit. Stunning architecture, endless views, unparalleled luxury, don’t let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by.

Property Type(s): Single Family

Last Updated 1/31/2019 Tract
Year Built 1990 Community 157 - S Redondo Bch W of PCH
Garage Spaces 8.0 County Los Angeles
Total Parking n/a

Price History

Prior to Aug 30, '18 $14,200,000
Aug 30, '18 - Jan 31, '19 $13,700,000
Jan 31, '19 - Today $11,900,000


School District Redondo Unified
Elementary School ALTVIS
Jr. High School PARRAS
High School REDUNI

Additional Details

Lot 7453 sq ft Area 157 - S Redondo Bch W of PCH
HOA Dues 0.00 Parking Spaces: 8.00
Pool Description None Sewer Public Sewer
Stories 3 View Description City Lights,Coastline,Ocean,Panoramic,Water,White Water
Water Public Waterfront Description Beach Access,Beach Front,Ocean Access,Ocean Front,Ocean Side of Freeway,Ocean Side Of Highway 1
Zoning RBR-3A


Air Gas, Zoned
Air Conditioning Yes
Appliances 6 Burner Stove, Barbecue, Convection Oven, Dishwasher, Double Oven, Freezer, Garbage Disposal, Range/Stove Hood, Refrigerator
Fireplace Yes
Garage Built-In Storage, Controlled Entrance, Direct Garage Access, Driveway, Driveway Down Slope From Street, Garage, Garage - Front Entry, Gated, Private, Subterranean, Yes
Heat Central Furnace, Forced Air, Zoned
Interior 2 Staircases, Balcony, Bar, Built-Ins, Cathedral-Vaulted Ceilings, Ceiling Fan, Elevator, Granite Counters, High Ceilings (9 Feet+), Living Room Balcony, Open Floor Plan, Pantry, Recessed Lighting, Tile Counters, Wet Bar
Lot Description Level with Street, Lot 6500-9999
Style Contemporary
View Yes
Waterfront Yes


Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Read full disclaimer.

Listing provided by : Brett Miller CalDRE: 01309464, Douglas Elliman of California, Inc.

(view all details for MLS #SB18085281)

New Listing in Cote D’Azure in the Hollywood Riviera

Condos and townhomes are relatively rare in the Hollywood Riviera as most of the area is zoned for single family homes.  Cote D’ Azure is one exception and the location just couldn’t be cooler.  It sits on the bluff overlooking the ocean on the Hollywood Riviera’s best streeet, Paseo De La Playa.

Cote D’Azure offer sits just up the hill from Torrance Beach and offers direct access down a set of stairs exclusive to the complex.  The units range from tree top views to partial ocean views to spectacular ocean views.  The current home for sale at 639 Paseo De La Playa #105 offers a pleasant tree view straight on with some nice ocean views at a bit of an angle.  Most of the home has been remodeled and ready to go.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # SB18034677 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

Increased inventory slowing the market for high end Hollywood Riviera homes

By Keith Kyle340_Via_Colusa_master1 copy

A noticeable increase in number of homes for sale at $1,500,000 and above has seemed to put the brakes on a very hot real estate market in the Hollywood Riviera.  The buying public had been clamoring for more homes on the market and now that they’ve arrived, it seems they’re not selling.  The $1,100,000-$1,400,000 price point is still extremely active, but the increased inventory of high end homes has definitely slowed the market.  Certain homes such as the recent listing at 225 Via Alameda which sold with multiple offers right from the start, are the exception at the moment and not the rule.  It’s not uncommon to see these higher price point homes sitting on the market for months which is a distinct difference from some other high end areas in the South Bay.  The chart below shows the number of active, pending and sold homes by month for homes priced over $1,500,000 and clearly indicates almost double the number of homes for sale while pending and sold listings are down.



Current Hollywood Riviera homes priced over $1,500,000

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

Big Gains In May 2015 Median Home Prices in the South Bay

By Keith Kyle

May was another huge month in terms of home prices in the South Bay with Hermosa Beach highest on the wow factor with a median price in May of $,1450,00, almost 32% higher than the year before.  Redondo Beach saw major gains as well with 106 homes selling in May with a median home price of over $844,000

City Homes Sold May 2015 Median May 2014 Median Year over Year % Change
Carson 45 $410,000 $376,500 8.9%
El Segundo 14 $803,500 $818,000 -0.8%
Gardena 35 $405,000 $400,000 1.3%
Harbor City 26 $415,000 $382,000 8.6%
Hawthorne 68 $525,00 $487,000 7.9%
Hermosa Beach 23 $1,450,000 $1,102,000 31.6%
Lawndale 12 $431,000 $417,500 3.2%
Lomita 11 $509,000 $575,000 3.5%
Long Beach 362 $433,000 $399,000 8.5%
Manhattan Beach 38 $2,238,750 $2,005,000 11.7%
Marina Del Rey 26 $917,000 $900,000 1.9%
Palos Verdes Estates 37 $1,515,000 $1,430,000 5.9%
Playa Del Rey 24 $615,000 $711,000 -135%
Rancho Palos Verdes 56 $1,100,000 $990,000 11.1%
Redondo Beach 106 $844,500 $722,000 17%
San Pedro 67 $449,250 $425,000 5.7%
Torrance 148 $579,000 $560,000 3.4%
 Westchester 26 $900,000 $797,000 12.9%

Village Palos Verdes – Oceanview Townhomes in the Hollywood Riviera

By Keith KyleVillage Palos Verdes

One of the more affordable ways of finding an ocean view home in the Hollywood Riviera is the largest complex in the area known as Village Palos Verdes.  Located just east of Palos Verdes Blvd and west of Calle Mayor, the complex is just a short walk to Torrance Beach and the charming shopping area of Riviera Village.  There are 180 units in the complex and due to combination of the staggered layout and the hillside location, many/most of the townhomes have some type of ocean views.  In general the units facing Palos Verdes Blvd have the best views, but they also deal with overlooking a fairly busy street.  Village-Palos-Verdes-MapUnits are either 2 or 3 bedrooms usualy with 3 baths and priced ranged in 2014-early 2015 between the mid to high $600,000s up to just under $800,000 for the larger homes with better views.   Each unit has a two car garage.  The complex had long been problematic in that the siding for all buildings had needed replacing for a very long time and the spector of a pending special assessment kept many buyers away.  The work has since been done and the complex looks fresh and appealing.  HOA fees are generally in the mid $400s but vary somewhat depending on the unit.  The complex offers two pools and is a short walk to the Village-Palos-Verdes-Viewsbeach, and has an abundance of shopping and dining nearby.  It’s an ideal location.

Contact us for more information on the current homes for sale in Village Palos Verdes.

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.

Redondo Housing Inventory Stays Low…So Where are the New Listings?

By Keith KyleHomes for sale in Torrance CA

As a Redondo Beach realtor who has been doing this a while, I’ve come to expect a nice increase in houses for sale in mid to late January. As the holidays wrap up, football season ends, and everyone gets back to work, we generally see a nice increase in homes that hit the market. It can often set the tone for much of the year as and abundance of homes early in the year often seems to stabilize the market one way or another. Unfortunately 2015 hasn’t seen that increase as the number of active homes for sale continues to go down at a time when the homes for sale should be going up. It’s still early enough that sellers may yet be holding off for a week or two to put their homes on the market and it would be welcome relief for the home buyers sitting and waiting.

The chart below shows the number of homes for sale represented by the light green bar. As of January 29th there are only 88 homes for sale in all of Redondo Beach.

And then there were 4 – New Listings on the Ocean Front Street of Paseo De La Playa

In this market with very low inventory and many homes selling the minute that they hit the market, it’s very unusual to see 4 homes for sale on the most sought after street in the Hollywood Riviera.QN-wide

The 4 homes for sale sit on the oceanfront street of Paseo De La Playa, just above Torrance Beach.  Many residents know the street as it offers great views and is a favorite of cyclists heading up to Palos Verdes.  2 of the homes, the palatial gated estate located at 433 Paseo De La Playa, and 617 Paseo De La Playa are on the west side of the street meaning unblocked and unblockable views of the ocean, Palos Verdes, and the coastline all the way to Malibu.  The primary reason they are still available is the pricetag with the sellers asking $16,000,000 for the home at 433 and the the home at 617 listed for $4,495,000 which is considerably higher than the most recent sales of similar homes.

The remaining 2 homes are fairly new to the market as of January 6th.  Both sit on the east side of the street so they offer minimal coastline views but are still ideally located with a short walk or bike ride to the beach and the Riviera Village.  The home at 630 Paseo De La Playa is a rather pricey $1,888,888 for 1325 square feet and minimal views.  It’s market as a potential site for a 2 story dream home but as the home is in the Torrance hillside overlay area that might be a very tall task.  The home for sale at 528 Paseo De La Playa is a bit more appropriately priced with almost 1800 square feet.


Two Big Oceanfront Home Sales in the Hollywood Riviera on Paseo De La Playa

By Keith Kyle

Monthly home sales median prices can often be skewed by a few big numbers and October will certainly reflect that with two homes selling on the oceanfront street of Paseo De La Playa in the Hollywood Riviera.

The first sale was located at 406 Paseo De La Playa which is actually the non ocean front side of the street, but due to it’ location there are no homes on the west side of the street and most of the ocean views are unblocked and panoramic.  The home was a very nice contemporary/modern design with large windows to allow for floor to ceiling views.  With 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths the home sold for a sizable $3.380,000 which is a number not generally seen on the east side of the street.406 Paseo De La Playa

ML#:   SB14186042 
Property Type Single Family Home
Price:   $3,380,000 
Price Per Sqft:   $946.78 
Square Feet 3570
Lot Size   6725 sq ft
Bedrooms:   4 
Baths:  3.5


The second home was located oceanfront at 605 Paseo De La Playa and sold for a sizable $4,300,000.  The home was a very original condition 1962 built home and for all intents and purposes this was a lot sale which sets a new price point for lot value in this highly sought after strip of land.  The homes on this side of the street have enormous lots over 20,000 feet but much of the land is a fairly unusable cliff/bluff.  They were originally on leased land but many of the homeowners have bought out the lease at one point or another.   One of the appealing aspects of this home was that it had a trail leading down to the beach and water which is fairly unique and almost impossible to do these days due to stringent restrictions by the California Coastal Commission.Oceanfront Homes

ML#:   PV14177338 
Property Type Single Family Home
Sales Price   $4,300,000 
Price Per Sqft:   $1,352.63 
Square Feet 3179
Lot Size   21,739 sq feet
Bedrooms:   4 
Bath:  3

605 Paseo De La PlayaThere is currently two additional oceanfront home on the market and actively for sale.   The first is  located at 617 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach CA 90277.  As with most of the homes along Paseo, it’s been updated but still somewhat original.  Offering unbelievable views this will certainly be someone’s coastal dream house.

The second home is a palatial estate offering 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, over 7000 feet of living space on an almost 26,000 foot oceanfront lot.   The home is located at 433 Paseo De La Playa.


DRE# 01712785