By Keith Kyle

The South Bay is definitely not a “seen one, seen them all” real estate market. Homes are often as unique as the owners that built them. 709 Esplanade is definitely one of those homes. When we first saw this home we were fairly shocked to see a price tag of $9,900,000. Despite being a very large home at a seller stated 9200 feet, it’s a home needing an abundance of work to appeal to most buyers. It’s been listed, cancelled and relisted a few times with the current offering at a somewhat more reasonable $6,995,000. They’re also banking on taking a pretty wacky house and adding a pretty wacky situation as it’s listed with one of TV personalities from the West Side. The house itself was clearly custom designed and decorated with the most eye catching feature being seemingly 9000 feet of pink marble floors. Pink hued fountains, frogs, mermaids, multi colored mosiacs and dark and heavy accests and more are found throughout the home.  Since originally listed the home has been cleared out which helps quite a bit, but we still feel this price is on the higher end given the work that needs to be done.  That said, the size and the beach front location is almost as unique as the home itself and some buyer may feel that the good outweighs the unique.

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