90277 - South Redondo beach real estate statistics

From a real estate perspective, Redondo Beach is generally broken down into two distinct areas….North Redondo and South Redondo. The dividing line is 190th for the most part and the primary difference is that South Redondo Beach extends all the way to the beach, whereas North Redondo sits just east of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach and doesn’t have the same “beach” feel to it. In general prices are higher in South Redondo than in North Redondo.


The chart above shows the current number of active homes for sale (light green) pending sales (red line) and closed home sales (dark green)

The chart above shows the average price per square feet for all types of homes (SFR, Townhomes and Condo)

The chart above shows average days on market as well as the % that the homes sold compared with the asking price.

The chart above shows the average list price in South Redondo and the average sales price.

The chart above shows the months of inventory for all home types in South Redondo Beach

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