The chart below shows the number of active homes for sale, pending escrows and closed home sales in Redond Beach and they compare with past months.  View also the current homes for sale in Redondo Beach CA.

January 2021 Average For Sale Price is Appreciating*

Average For Sale Price (in thousand) in January 2021: $2771

Up 19.2% compared to last month
Up 62.2% compared to last year

January 2021 Average Sold Price is Neutral*

Average Sold Price (in thousand) in January 2021: $1249

Down 8.9% compared to last month
Up 7.5% compared to last year

*Based on 6 month trend – Appreciating/Depreciating/Neutral

Active, Pending and Closed Home Sales in Hermosa Beach

The chart below shows the average home prices for sale and “sold”

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