Good Ways Not To Sell a House

Even in this market, with multiple offers and sales prices often well beyond list price there are still ways not to sell a house.  Not every Redondo 2 on a lot townhomesaspect is under our control as realtors, or the sellers, but at some level what’s the point in even listing a home in which there are so many obstacles that it isn’t going to sell anyway.

I recently came across a listing in an area that I sell frequently and was surprised at just how many ways they’re trying to deter me from selling it.

Let’s start with the big one…price.  This is clearly a rising market so I understand pricing slightly higher than the last similar sale….but those were turnkey and highly upgraded.  Trying to set a price record on something that doesn’t warrant it is bad enough on it’s own…but that’s just the first challenge….

Oh wait….it’s subject to inspection.  So now I can’t get my clients in to take a look

What….there’s more?  Oh it’s tenant occupied and we can’t move in for almost 12 months?

So to recap my clients should by a home that’s overpriced that they can’t see, and then can’t move into until next year…..

….maybe we should wait for the next one….