Is the world of short sales and REOs a little fishy…or is it just me?

Unfortunately, I realize that we are in a profession in which ethical standards doRedondo Beach foreclosures not mean much to everyone. Fortunately being in a high end market in Redondo Beach CA, the bulk of the realtors that I work with and encounter are very professional and seem to put their clients needs ahead of their on on most occassions. One thing that’s hard not to notice is that with the increase in bank owned foreclosures and short sales, the number of out of area listing agents has increased and that hasn’t always been a good thing. Although I don’t always agree with it, the seeming lack of effort…from terrible photos or even no photos at all, unclear showing instructions, to poor, vague or confusing descriptions, etc can perhaps be justified, and I can convince myself that’s something they’ve come to an agreement with the sellers on. Today was one of those days, however, that just makes me want to pick up the phone and call someone to tell them they’re getting poor representation….or worse. Today 3 short sales came on the market in my fairly high end market. All three were priced far too low and to my surprise (ok that’s sarcastic) all three immediately went off the market after being listed. One of the properties not only had no description or showing information, the picture of the home wasn’t the home, and was of a home likely 15 years older and very run down. The second home went on hold shortly after being listed (which it had done a month ago the first time) and had a photo from about 10 years ago the 3rd went pending 8 minutes after being listed. Now I understand that there MAY be circumstances in which something like this may occur but 3 in one day? And yes all three agents were from out of the area.