September Real Estate Recap – Redondo Beach By the Numbers

Real Estate Market Recap in South Redondo Beach

Welcome to September’s Redondo Beach market recap.  It was a great month for home sales and property prices in Redondo Beach.  It was slower than the previous year with only 79 home sales compared with a pretty incredible 110 in September 2020.  The median sales price was $1,375,000 compared with $1,149,000 a year earlier.  Homes averaged only 14 days on market before going into escrow.  See how this compares with other months on our Redondo Beach real estate trends page.

See the Redondo Beach Home Sales in September

Redondo Beach Home Sales and Home prices in september

It was another very impressive month for home sales in Redondo Beach CA both in terms of the number of homes that sold and home prices. See how September compares with other months on our Redondo Beach real estate trends page.

There were 80 homes that sold on the MLS which made for a very impressive month.   The average list price was $1,419,042 with the average sold price at $1,460,956 meaning that homes sold well over asking price.. Homes that sold averaged only 16 days on market before going into escrow.  The top sale of the month was a very large single family home at 712 Sapphire that offered 5 bedrooms, 5 baths and just under 4,700 square feet on a huge 9,000+ foot South Redondo lot. The home closed at $3,550,000. The low sale was a 1 bedroom condo in Brookside Village that closed at $475,000.

September 2021 Home Sales and Property Prices in Redondo Beach CA

MLSType AddressPrice$ Per FtBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
PV21170018TWNHS/A417Camino De Las Colinas$1,375,000$878.032/2,0,1,01566/A1978/ASR9/22/2021
SB21194582SFR/D238Via Linda Vista$1,650,000$788.723/2,0,0,02092/A1950/ASR9/29/2021
PV21172909SFR/D115Via Alameda$1,799,000$1,163.653/2,0,0,01546/A1954/ASR9/14/2021
21765720SFR229Via Los Altos$1,825,000$968.683/2,0,1,01884/O19509/15/2021
PV21140525CONDO/A201Calle Miramar #32$2,000,000$748.502/3,0,0,02672/A1962/ASR9/16/2021
SB21167150SFR/D413Calle De Castellana$2,150,000$1,299.093/2,0,0,01655/A1953/ASR9/17/2021
SB21196008SFR/D332Via San Sebastian$2,430,000$1,104.553/3,0,0,02200/E1954/ASR9/22/2021
PV21138177SFR/D602Calle De Arboles$2,650,000$806.705/2,2,0,03285/A1997/ASR9/8/2021
21770070CONDO1915Mathews AVE #7$833,000$591.202/3,0,0,01409/19809/14/2021
SB21166982TWNHS/A2623Huntington LN #1$1,100,000$655.543/2,0,1,01678/E1978/ASR9/24/2021
SB21178980TWNHS/A2514Nelson AVE #3$1,120,000$647.024/2,0,1,01731/A1981/ASR9/14/2021
SB21160178TWNHS/A1914Perry AVE #A$1,370,000$570.834/2,0,1,02400/P1996/PUB9/16/2021
SB21129604TWNHS/A2419Ruhland AVE #A$1,422,500$587.814/2,0,1,02420/A1990/ASR9/21/2021
SB21164757TWNHS/D1933Gates AVE #B$1,485,000$616.444/3,0,1,02409/A2012/ASR9/23/2021
SB21155162TWNHS/D1912Graham AVE #B$1,700,000$688.264/4,0,0,02470/A2012/BLD9/1/2021
SB21154740SFR/D2302Vail AVE$1,800,000$722.024/2,0,1,02493/A1989/ASR9/3/2021
PV21128797SFR/D2112Ruhland AVE$3,150,000$765.125/5,0,1,04117/B2021/BLD9/22/2021
SB21191966CONDO/A1906Grant AVE #D$825,000$638.542/1,0,0,21292/AP1976/ASR9/27/2021
PV21128723CONDO/A2108Rockefeller LN #E$915,000$659.702/2,0,1,01387/A1980/ASR9/3/2021
SB21131553TWNHS/A2503Vanderbilt LN #3$936,000$798.633/1,1,0,01172/A1979/ASR9/13/2021
SB21164567TWNHS/A2212Carnegie LN #3$940,000$651.422/2,0,1,01443/A1978/ASR9/1/2021
SB21123777TWNHS/A2513Rockefeller LN #2$962,000$599.753/3,0,0,01604/A1987/ASR9/3/2021
SB21149469TWNHS/A2207Vanderbilt LN #B$989,000$582.793/3,0,0,01697/A2004/ASR9/10/2021
SW21166035TWNHS/A1729Ruxton LN$1,020,000$596.144/2,0,1,01711/S2000/PUB9/2/2021
OC21158677TWNHS/A1605Phelan LN$1,060,000$623.903/2,0,1,01699/A1988/PUB9/3/2021
SB21142321SFR/D2520Harriman LN$1,125,000$894.283/2,0,0,01258/A1957/ASR9/2/2021
SR21169712CONDO/A2305Carnegie LN #A$1,170,000$696.433/3,0,0,01680/A2005/ASR9/17/2021
PV21150656TWNHS/D2406Carnegie LN #B$1,200,000$616.653/2,0,1,01946/A1993/ASR9/10/2021
SB21164684TWNHS/A2216Marshallfield LN #B$1,295,000$604.583/2,0,0,12142/A1987/ASR9/22/2021
SB21175430CONDO/A1708Huntington LN #B$1,480,000$631.404/2,0,1,02344/A2001/ASR9/14/2021
SB21156070TWNHS/D2207Harriman LN #A$1,775,000$696.083/4,0,0,02550/A2017/ASR9/1/2021
SB21199318SFR/D2703185th ST$845,000$965.712/1,0,0,0875/A1955/ASR9/28/2021
BB21185440TWNHS/A2419Fisk LN #A$1,130,000$607.204/2,0,1,01861/A1987/ASR9/30/2021
SB21153531SFR/D2415Alvord LN$1,400,000$991.503/1,0,1,01412/A1974/ASR9/2/2021
SB21174129SFR/D1749Herrin ST$1,270,000$751.483/1,1,1,01690/A1968/ASR9/23/2021
PV21131203SFR/D1733Carver ST$1,385,000$775.483/2,1,0,01786/A1979/PUB9/22/2021
PV21169483SFR/D1531Carver ST$1,400,000$894.003/2,0,1,01566/A1973/ASR9/15/2021
PV21151465SFR/D1612Stanford AVE$1,425,000$774.043/2,0,1,01841/A1983/ASR9/9/2021
CV21176289SFR/D1613Morgan LN$1,434,000$739.563/2,0,1,01939/A1983/ASR9/24/2021
SB21164810SFR/D1736Steinhart AVE$1,505,000$851.733/2,0,0,01767/A1979/ASR9/13/2021
SB21174563SFR/D1709Carver ST$1,510,000$934.983/2,0,0,01615/A1973/ASR9/13/2021
SB21129173SFR/D1633Carlson LN$1,550,000$675.383/2,0,1,02295/A2012/ASR9/3/2021
SB21139677SFR/D1629Steinhart AVE$1,550,750$868.283/2,0,1,01786/A1980/ASR9/17/2021
SB21146513SFR/D1815Stanford AVE$1,610,000$921.053/3,0,0,01748/A1967/ASR9/1/2021
SB21168792SFR/D1627Stanford AVE$1,640,000$880.773/2,0,1,01862/A1980/ASR9/8/2021
OC21180985TWNHS/A610N Guadalupe Avenue #3$1,060,000$582.744/2,0,1,01819/A1980/ASR9/29/2021
SB21177089SFR/D1012Vincent ST$1,080,000$1,227.273/1,1,0,0880/A1924/ASR9/23/2021
SB21158084TWNHS/A108 SIrena AVE #F$1,125,000$686.812/1,1,1,01638/A1982/ASR9/2/2021
SB21179880SFR/D506 NGuadalupe$1,457,000$857.064/4,0,0,01700/A1958/ASR9/24/2021
PV21199071SFR/D619Beryl ST$1,535,000$715.284/3,0,0,02146/A1948/ASR9/30/2021
OC21123461TWNHS/D209 SGuadalupe AVE #B$1,600,000$614.444/4,0,1,02604/B2015/BLD9/21/2021
SB21162914SFR/D409 NPaulina AVE$1,870,000$1,067.964/3,0,0,01751/A1959/ASR9/3/2021
SB21151944TWNHS/D112 SFrancisca AVE #C$2,050,000$788.764/3,0,0,02599/B2021/BLD9/15/2021
SB21161065SFR/D633 SGertruda AVE$2,650,000$597.654/2,0,1,14434/A2000/ASR9/29/2021
SB21170240CONDO/A607 SProspect AVE #106$475,000$710.011/1,0,0,0669/A1970/ASR9/20/2021
21770878CONDO605 SProspect AVE #304$549,500$821.381/1,0,0,0669/D19709/21/2021
SB21166171CONDO/A818Camino Real #202$680,000$697.442/2,0,0,0975/A1970/ASR9/9/2021
SB21178972CONDO/A820Camino Real #202$705,000$723.082/2,0,0,0975/A1970/APP9/2/2021
PV21152932CONDO/A1920 SPCH #212$787,000$905.641/1,0,0,0869/B2018/ASR9/3/2021
SB21134588TWNHS/D1800 SPCH #24$1,076,923$586.564/2,1,0,01836/P2001/PUB9/3/2021
SB21144149SFR/D1003Avenue C$1,280,000$1,348.793/1,0,0,0949/A1952/ASR9/10/2021
SB21161017TWNHS/D511 SMaria AVE$1,300,000$564.733/2,0,1,02302/A1998/ASR9/15/2021
SB21146814SFR/D315 SMaria AVE$1,357,500$730.623/2,0,0,01858/A1974/ASR9/17/2021
SB21170048SFR/D1000Avenue A$2,000,000$581.735/4,0,0,03438/A2003/ASR9/27/2021
PV21158630SFR/D323Avenue G$2,200,000$902.754/1,2,1,02437/O1947/PUB9/14/2021
PV21135254SFR/D419 SLucia AVE$2,999,900$672.025/6,0,0,04464/A2016/ASR9/17/2021
SB21097477SFR/D534S Helberta$3,050,000$726.885/5,0,0,04196/P1991/PUB9/24/2021
SB21110683SFR/D712Sapphire ST$3,550,000$755.645/3,1,1,04698/A2002/ASR9/23/2021
SB21119531SFR/D218Pearl ST$841,000$1,401.672/1,0,0,0600/E1911/PUB9/3/2021
21752752CONDO555Esplanade #319$880,000$920.502/2,0,0,0956/19769/24/2021
SB21160214CONDO/A140The Village #107$1,050,000$789.472/2,0,0,01330/A1980/ASR9/21/2021
SB21132529TWNHS/A320 NCatalina AVE #7$1,125,000$709.782/3,0,0,01585/A1986/ASR9/8/2021
SB21173940CONDO/A1007 SCatalina AVE #109$1,150,000$973.752/2,0,0,01181/A1972/ASR9/30/2021
SB21142311CONDO/A555Esplanade #619$1,250,000$1,045.152/1,2,0,01196/A1976/ASR9/15/2021
PV21171633CONDO/A140The Village #408$1,300,000$955.882/2,0,0,01360/B1980/ASR9/24/2021
SW21140273CONDO/A531Esplanade #501$1,311,375$914.492/0,2,1,01434/A1974/ASR9/10/2021
SB21183220TWNHS/A240 SBroadway #2$1,350,000$710.533/1,1,1,01900/SEE1986/PUB9/17/2021
SB21175608TWNHS/A140 SBroadway$1,400,000$652.683/3,0,1,02145/A1989/ASR9/28/2021
SB21171556CONDO/A110The Village #503$1,450,000$767.602/2,0,0,01889/A1980/PUB9/1/2021
SB21165421TWNHS/A706Elvira AVE #A$2,125,000$774.705/2,1,0,02743/A2003/ASR9/3/2021

Featured Home of the Week – 307 N Broadway Just Blocks to the Beach

Featured listing in South Redondo Beach 90277

307 N Broadway #A - Listed for $1,635,000

Coming to the market this week in beautiful South Redondo and just blocks to the beach……Own the Southern California coastal lifestyle with this beautiful home in the heart of south Redondo Beach.

Ideally located and central to everything that makes the South Bay so special.  Just 2 blocks to King Harbor and the Redondo Pier, half mile to the beach and bike path, steps to shopping and dining, 3 blocks to Redondo Union High School and a block from serene Czuleger park.  This is one of those homes that you park the car on Friday and there’s no need to get back in until after the weekend.


This fully detached front townhome looks and lives like a single family home with landscaped front yard and no shared walls. Offering 3 spacious bedrooms plus an oversized mezzanine level perfect for home office with it’s own private ocean view deck.  Built in 2005 the owners have meticulously maintained and upgraded and it’s picture perfect just waiting for it’s future owner to make their own memories here.

307 Broadway is just as charming on the inside as it is from the outside.  With an elegant Mediterranean inspired design and manicured front yard the home is  beautifully framed with colorful flowers and roses.

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2,410 square feet
  • Built in 2005
  • 2 car garage

307 Broadway Photo Gallery

Entryway features a dramatic staircase with wood steps and beautiful iron railings and travertine flooring to 1st floor guest rooms.  The hallway to the guest rooms makes for even greater privacy and adds a creates a sense of space from the moment you enter.  Lower level features two bright and spacious bedrooms with ample closet space, recessed lighting, plantation shutters and ceiling fans.  The first floor also offers a beautiful full guest bathroom along with laundry closet and direct access to the 2 car attached garage.

The main level also features a beautiful primary suite.  This fantastic room features an abundance of windows with plantation shutters, recessed lights, and plenty of room.  Looking for closet space?   The primary suite features not one but two closets.  The walk in is huge with another separate double closet as well.  The luxurious en suite offers a separate shower and jacuzzi tub, separated vanities with beautiful granite countertops and an abundance of light.

Head upstairs to the warm and inviting main level and immediately be struck by the soaring ceilings and incredible light.  This open concept level has everything for today’s home buyer and is the perfect space to enertain or just spend a relaxed night at home.  The beautiful living room offers gleaming distressed maple wood floors, sliders that lead directly to the private balcony, fireplace and an incredible sense of openness.  The open concept allows for both the kitchen and dining areas to merge seemlessly.  The entertainer’s kitchen is the central feature of the main level and offers granite countertops, high-end stainless appliances including the Sub Zero refrigerator, beautiful coastal inspired white cabinetry and plenty of counter space.  Head out the sliding doors to the private and large deck to enjoy summer BBQs and beach breezes.  The location and size of the balcony perfectly merges indoor and outdoor spaces.

Head upstairs to the open mezzanine and loft left.  This adaptable space can be utilized to fit your lifestyle from play area to home gym to the perfect home office.  This beautiful space offers ample storage and it’s own private west facing deck for the perfect outdoor lounge area and feature ocean views and incredible beach breezes.

Additional highlight features and upgrades include Simonton dual paned windows throughout, central A/C and heat, and spacious 2 car side by side garage with new epoxy floor coating.  The HOA is inactive and there are no monthly fees.

Redondo Beach MLS Listing

Just Sold in Manhattan – Our Latest Home Sale in the Beach Cities

3612 Alma, Mahattan Beach - JUST SOLD

While it’s not Manhattan Beach, we are still thrilled to announce our recent home sale in the sand section of Manhattan BeachKeith Kyle of Vista Sotheby’s International represented both the buyer and the sellers and can’t thank them enough for putting their trust in us.  Visit for photos, videos and to see how we present and market the homes that we sell.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 2,510 square feet
  • Built in 2006
  • Parking for 5 cars

3612 Alma, Manhattan Beach CA – Sold for $2,675,000

3612 Alma was an ocean view 4 bed 4 bath home that offered it all. Beautifully updated and meticulously maintained ocean view townhome in the sand section felt like a single-family home. Offering unblockable views of the ocean, coastline and Santa Monica mountains from multiple levels, this impressive townhome features bright and spacious interior spaces with a flexible floorplan for every lifestyle.

The ground floor offers a large and adaptable bedroom perfect for home office, gym or separate quarters for friends and family with private patio, walk in closet and ensuite bath. The middle level features three bright and spacious bedrooms highlighted by the oversized master suite complete with private covered ocean view deck to enjoy summer sunsets and ocean breezes.

  Contact listing agent Keith Kyle for more information

Photo Gallery

3612 Alma on the Manhattan Beach MLS

Slow Going in the Golden Hills

Only 2 Active Listings as of 9/17

The Golden Hills is the neighborhood in North Redondo Beach closest to the water.  It sits just east of Hermosa Beach and offers primarily single family homes.  These homes are often referred to as “tall and skinny” given the 25×100 foot lots making the homes…..skinny.  What’s nice is that you can often get a single family home with decent square footage at a townhome price.  Unfortunately there’s just not much on the market so at the moment there’s not much to choose from.  Want an even easier way of keeping current with active listings?

Current Active Homes for Sale in the Golden Hills

Redondo Beach Real Estate Recap – August At a Glance

Let’s take a brief look at the month that was for Redondo Beach real estate.  Due to lower levels of inventory there were 82 on market home sales which was impressive but nowhere near the incredible 103 homes that sold in August of 2020.  The homes that sold had a median sales price of $1,311,00 and averaged only 16 days on market before going into escrow and the average price per foot was $749.

See how this compares with other months on our Redondo Beach real estate trends and statisics page.

View the current homes for sale in Redondo Beach California

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