Places to go while in Redondo Beach…Old Tonys on the Pier

Life in the South Bay is a mix of upscale and quirky, and both can be great.  One of my favorite places to take people is Old Tony’s on the Redondo Beach pier.  I’ve only visited the restaurant once but the bar/lounge upstairs has one of those views that make it a spectacular place to visit.  I wouldn’t call it upscale but that’s certainly not why you go there and the quirkiness is what makes it fun.  There is always an incredible energy in sunset hours as people cram in to take in the panoramic ocean views from the 360 degree glass enclosed bar.  It is a truly unique experience as it sits up above everything else on the pier so it almost feels like being on a ship at see.  Not only do the views feel like being on the see but you can actually feel the pier shake just a bit when waves collide with the pilings below.  Old Tony’s is on the Redondo pier in King Harbor which is close to the border between North Redondo and South Redondo Beach.  It is within walking distance of the homes and condos of The Village and Seascapes I, II and III.

Old Tony’s – 210 Fisherman’s Wharf, Redond Beach CA 90277