Done the right way….we sell more than just houses….

With the dawn of a new year, it really got me thinking about what we do as Realtors and why, If done with the right motives, it’s so rewarding.  In the stresses of an escrow, or in the challenges of a day of showing houses, it’s easy to lose sight of what selling a home can mean and for many it’s just another “deal”.  But that’s not at all what this is about.  I work with many first time home buyers and it is no exaggeration to think that this decision that I’m helping them make is nothing short of life altering.  The home someone chooses is more than just granite counters, 2.5 bathrooms, corner lot, fixer or turn key….it is choosing a neighborhood, choosing neighbors, choosing schools, and even choosing a lifestyle.   It’s about people…the people the home buyer doesn’t even know yet that may end up being friends for life.

Have you ever checked in on past clients years later and met the neighbors or school friends, or met the son or daughters best friend from next door?  These are people that may be in our clients lives forever…and it was partially due to a decision we helped them make.  Yes we sell houses, but it is so much more than that.  Every client we have deserves to be treated with this understanding and not only will it likely help your business, it makes real estate and selling homes one of the more rewarding jobs imaginable in my eyes.

Keith Kyle is a residential real estate specialist with South Bay Brokers in Manhattan Beach, CA