I found a home to show you!…..how showing homes has changed in this market

It wasn’t long ago that a client wanting to look at homes in the South Bay often meant a day long journey of looking at the abundance of available homes and trying to narrow down which one had the fewest objections to the buyer. As there were so many homes on the market, and every day meant new options, buyers could lose interest over the smallest details.

My how things have changed. Now when a client calls to say they want to look at all of the homes in their price range there are few, if any to see. The excitement comes now when you can say, “I found one!” and you actually have a home to show. It’s certainly never a dull moment in real estate and maybe someday there will be a more balanced market…I’ve been told they once existed.

To see the latest chart showing a good example of how there’s nothing to see visit lack of starter homes for sale in Redondo Beach post.