Manhattan and Hermosa Oceanfront Home Market Alive and Well

When most people think of the ideal in luxury coastal living in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa, they think of the oceanfront homes of The Strand.  While some fairly original homes still exist, most have long been replaced by spectacular homes with endless views of the beach and the ocean.  The market for these luxury homes has been very active lately with some very notable sales and recent listings.  The high water mark at the moment is the home being built in Hermosa Beach at 2666 The Strand, with an impressive 7000 feet on a very irregular shaped lot with great beach frontage.  The home is listed at  $14,250,000.  The home at 3300 The Strand in Manhattan Beach recently was listed at $11,500,000 and quickly went into escrow.

A few notable sales have recently closed as well with 4112 and 4114 The Strand, built primarily as attached townhomes but with the ability to combine the two spaces fairly easily, closed at a combined sales price of $7,175,000 and 2020 The Strand selling at $9,450,000.