August Home Sales Show Big Numbers in the South Bay

The South Bay saw big numbers in August 2013 with impressive increases in both median home price and the number of sales in many of the local communities.   Hermosa Beach posted some of the most impressive numbers with 30 closed sales in this small beach community and a median home price of over $1.2M.    “This is a big number but it’s especially impressive as it’s a 40% increase over median home prices in Hermosa Beach in August of 2012″ according to Hermosa Beach realtor Keith Kyle.  Other cities enjoyed significant gains as well. Click on any link below to view the homes sold and home sales prices for August.

Hermosa Beach
Hollywood Riviera
Manhattan Beach
Palos Verdes Estates
Rancho Palos Verdes
North Redondo Beach
South Redondo Beach
San Pedro
Southwood, West & South Torrance

Home Sales On the Rise in the Beach Cities

May 2013 was a big month for both the number of home sales and prices in the cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa, Redondo Beach and El Segundo.  Both the number of sales and home prices were on the rise.  The chart below paints a pretty clear picture that the number of homes for sale, as well as pending sales and closed home sales is on the rise.  According to local real estate expert Keith Kyle, “as we see the inventory of new listings rise we should start to see the return of a balanced market.   We had a very unusual turnaround in which we went directly from a buyers market to a sellers market and never really reached an equilibrium.”

View the homes sales by clicking any of the May 2013 home sale links below.

Real Estate Update in the Manhattan Beach Hill Section

The hill section of Manhattan Beach offers it all…..beautiful homes on quiet streets, stunning views, much larger lots than in other “sections” of Manhattan Beach, and luxury homes to take your breath away.  All of this while still being west of Pacific Coast

Highway/Sepulveda Blvd and still walkable to the beach.  It is specifically due to the larger lot sizes that the homes in the area are not as confined to certain sizes and designs to fit within the smaller lots of the sand section and tree section.  The result are often truly custom homes with large square footage, not at the sacrifice of larger outdoor areas.  It is simply the best of all worlds.  The market has not been as active as some of the surrounding areas and cities with very low inventory and relatively low numbers of listings and sales.  There have been 5 closed home sales in 2013 with an average sales price of $1.869M.   Due to low number of homes sold in the area and the extreme pricing differences, these numbers can be drastically different over time.  See a quick recap of the real estate market in the hill section of Manhattan Beach.

2 Active MLS Listings in the Hill Section
List Price ADOM Selling Price BR BA Year Built SqFt Lot SqFt
Min 3,150,000 12 3 5.00 2002 3,695 5,502
Max 3,695,000 41 6 5.00 2003 3,936 6,255
Avg 3,422,500 27 5 5.00 2003 3,816 5,879
Sum 6,845,000
2 Pending Sales
List Price ADOM Selling Price BR BA Year Built SqFt Lot SqFt
Min 1,750,000 12 4 4.00 1995 4,405 5,200
Max 2,997,000 54 5 5.00 2003 4,429 5,798
Avg 2,373,500 33 5 4.50 1999 4,417 5,499
Sum 4,747,000
1 Pending in Backup Offer Status
List Price ADOM Selling Price BR BA Year Built SqFt Lot SqFt
Min 3,699,000 50 4 4.00 2006 3,447 4,191
Max 3,699,000 50 4 4.00 2006 3,447 4,191
Avg 3,699,000 50 4 4.00 2006 3,447 4,191
Sum 3,699,000
5 Closed Sales Since January 2013
List Price ADOM Selling Price BR BA Year Built SqFt Lot SqFt
Min 939,094 939,094 2 1.00 1952 782 4,377
Max 3,577,000 152 3,525,000 5 6.00 2004 5,000 9,429
Avg 1,893,019 32 1,869,719 3 2.80 1970 2,611 5,768
Sum 9,465,094 9,348,594
Status: All
List Price ADOM Selling Price BR BA Year Built SqFt Lot SqFt
Min 939,094 939,094 2 1.00 1952 782 4,191
Max 3,699,000 152 3,525,000 6 6.00 2006 5,000 9,429
Avg 2,475,609 33 1,869,719 4 3.70 1986 3,297 5,579
Sum 24,756,094 9,348,594

Contact Manhattan Beach realtor, Keith Kyle for more information on any of the hill section homes for sale below.

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October 2012 Median Home Prices In Redondo Beach and South Bay

October 2012 South Bay Median Home Prices and Sold Homes

Keep informed on the price of Redondo Beach  homes and know what direction the real estate market is heading. See below for the median price of South Bay Homes in October and see the change in average home price from 2011. Average home prices based on one month of information can vary quite a bit based on a number of factors but the information can show an overall housing market trend in Redondo Beach.

City Homes
2012 Median
2011 Median
over Year % Change
Carson 56 $286,500 $300,000 -4.50%
El Segundo 11 $648,000 $348,500 85.94%
Gardena 58 $299,250 $260,000 15.10%
Harbor City 14 $337,500 $300,000 12.50%
Hawthorne 51 $360,000 $328,500 9.59%
Hermosa Beach 15 $835,000 $1,000,000 -16.50%
Lawndale 10 $252,500 $315,000 -19.84%
Lomita 13 $450,000 $392,500 14.65%
Long Beach 341 $302,750 $282,000 7.36%
Manhattan Beach 36 $1,137,500 $1,222,500 -6.95%
Marina Del Rey 36 $652,500 $590,000 10.59%
Palos Verdes Estates 31 $1,282,500 $1,000,000 28.25%
Playa Del Rey 16 $344,750 $335,000 2.91%
Rancho Palos Verdes 45 $870,000 $922,000 -5.64%
Redondo Beach 97 $700,000 $623,750 12.22%
San Pedro 55 $330,500 $345,750 -4.41%
Torrance 121 $467,000 $447,500 4.36%
Westchester 43 $627,000 $561,750 11.62%


Manhattan Beach Hill Section – Luxury Homes Market Update

For luxury home buyers wanting it all, the hill section of Manhattan Beach may be the ideal location to call home.  According to Keith Kyle, top realtor with South Bay Brokers, “Manhattan Beach hill section real estate offers something that the sand section doesn’t….space.  While the goal for many home buyers is to live near the ocean and ideally have views of the ocean, the lots sizes closest to the ocean doesn’t allow for much, if any, outdoor space.  By comparison the lots in the hill section are often far larger, offering luxury home buyers tremendous ocean views, while still allowing for a large home and a large yard.”

Currently there are 7 active homes for sale ranging from just under a millon dollars on the city side of the area, to just under $9.0M for a spectular home on the ocean side.

Sorry, but we couldn't find any results in the MLS that match the specified search criteria.




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