Check out the Redondo Beach Homes that Sold in June

June 2022 home sales and property prices in Redondo Beach

76 homes sold at an average of $1,693,480

Let’s take a look a the Redondo Beach homes that sold in June of 2022.

It was a busy month for Redondo Beach real estate with 76 on MLS home sales compared with only 60 in May….even more impressive were the prices.  Homes generally went into escrow in just about a week and sold over $75,000 above the list prices (on average)

The average “asking” price was a pretty massive $1,612,354 with the average sold price at $1,693,480 meaning that, in general, homes sold pretty dramatically over the original list price.

The average price per foot was $927 and homes only averaged 9 days on market before going into pending status.

The highest home price of the month was for an oceanfront single family at 517 Paseo De La Playa in the Hollywood Riviera (technically Torrance but Redondo Beach mailing address) which sold at an impressive $7,050,000.

June 2022 Redondo Beach Home Sales and Prices

Home Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear Built
SFR/D220Via Alameda$1,200,000$9542/1,0,0,01258/A1948/ASR
TWNHS/A430 1/2Palos Verdes Blvd$1,490,000$7913/1,1,1,01884/A1978/ASR
SFR/D225Calle de Madrid$1,698,000$1,3443/1,1,0,01263/E1948/ASR
SFR/D130Paseo De Gracia$2,208,000$1,2693/0,2,0,01740/A1952/ASR
TWNHS/A1903Camino De La Costa #B$3,150,000$1,0504/3,0,1,03000/E2021/BLD
SFR/D517Paseo De La Playa$7,050,000$2,3055/4,0,0,03058/A1962/ASR
CONDO/A2604Gates AVE #2$780,000$6882/2,0,0,01134/A1969/ASR
TWNHS/A2217Curtis AVE #B$819,000$7792/1,0,1,01052/A1975/PUB
TWNHS/A2000Mathews AVE #5$989,000$7992/2,0,1,01238/A1977/ASR
TWNHS/A2410Voorhees AVE #3$1,042,000$8032/2,0,1,01297/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/A2512Curtis Avenue #1$1,060,000$6883/2,0,1,01541/P1980/PUB
SFR/D2423Ruhland AVE$1,230,000$1,2283/1,0,0,01002/A1952/ASR
SFR/D1924Robinson ST$1,400,000$1,6832/2,0,0,0832/A1940/ASR
TWNHS/A2218Bataan RD #A$1,400,000$5573/2,0,1,02515/A1986/ASR
SFR/D1906Ruhland AVE$1,463,000$1,1473/2,0,0,01276/P1952/ASR
DPLX/D2228Plant AVE$1,550,000$9544/2,0,0,01625/P1959/PUB
TWNHS/D2003Curtis AVE #A$1,610,000$7724/2,0,1,02085/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/D2203Bataan RD #B$1,650,000$6484/2,0,1,02548/A2003/ASR
TWNHS/D2010Gates AVE #B$1,785,000$7984/3,0,0,02238/A2003/ASR
TWNHS/D2006Bataan Road #A$1,910,000$7944/2,1,1,02405/A2014/ASR
TWNHS/A1806Vanderbilt LN #6$1,080,000$5992/2,0,1,01803/T1980/ASR
CONDO/A2412Rockefeller LN #3$1,100,000$6593/3,0,0,01669/A1981/ASR
TWNHS/D2015Carnegie LN #A$1,150,000$7533/2,0,1,01527/A1980/ASR
TWNHS/A1806Carnegie LN #3$1,165,000$7713/1,1,1,01512/A1988/ASR
SFR/D2220Belmont LN$1,210,000$1,4652/1,0,0,0826/A1953/ASR
SFR/D700Meyer LN #3$1,400,000$6363/2,0,1,02202/A2000/PUB
TWNHS2421Grant AVE #C$1,515,000$7813/2,0,1,01940/A2006/ASR
TWNHS/D1717Harriman LN #A$1,810,000$7824/2,0,1,02315/A2003/ASR
TWNHS/D2206Harriman LN #A$2,025,000$8384/3,0,1,02417/AP2016/ASR
TWNHS/D2516Harriman LN #B$2,050,000$6954/4,0,1,02950/B2018/BLD
TWNHS/D1909Marshallfield LN #A$2,300,000$9274/3,0,1,02480/E2022/BLD
TWNHS/D1710Clark #B$2,350,000$9374/3,0,1,02508/B2022/BLD
SFR2610182ND ST$1,010,000$7183/2,0,0,01406/AP1953/APP
SFR/D527Blossom Lane$1,356,000$1,2173/1,0,0,01114/P1955/PUB
SFR/D2116Havemeyer Lane$1,375,000$8213/1,1,0,01674/A1955/ASR
SFR/D2802Fisk LN$1,480,000$8004/2,0,0,01849/A1955/ASR
SFR/D2719Ralston LN$1,700,000$1,1584/2,0,0,01468/A1955/SLR
SFR2317RALSTON LN$3,790,000$8275/5,0,1,04583/2022/BLD
SFR/D1603Speyer LN$1,275,000$1,3282/1,0,0,0960/A1955/ASR
SFR/D1633Van Horne LN$1,530,000$7245/2,1,0,02114/A1962/ASR
SFR1628Haynes LN$1,820,000$9393/2,0,1,01939/1983
SFR/D1730Havemeyer LN$2,150,000$8273/3,0,1,02601/A2018/ASR
SFR/D1621Carlson LN$2,225,000$1,0743/2,0,1,02072/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/A220 SProspect AVE #5$955,000$6263/2,0,0,01525/A1980/ASR
TWNHS620Beryl ST #13$1,050,000$6483/2,0,1,01621/1981
CONDO/A716 NIrena AVE #B$1,100,000$7672/2,0,1,01434/T1978/PUB
TWNHS/A106 SLucia AVE #4$1,120,000$8332/2,0,1,01344/A1983/ASR
TWNHS/D107 SGuadalupe AVE #A$1,200,000$8032/2,0,1,01494/A1984/ASR
TWNHS/A616 NGuadalupe Avenue #4$1,300,000$5963/2,0,1,02180/A1986/ASR
TWNHS/D605El Redondo AVE$1,410,000$7874/2,1,0,01792/AP1978/ASR
TWNHS/A214 NIrena AVE #B$1,479,000$8854/3,0,0,01671/A1988/ASR
SFR/A513 NPaulina AVE$1,585,000$1,5083/1,0,0,01051/A1952/ASR
DPLX/D110 SIrena AVE$1,600,000$7026/3,0,0,02278/A1922/PUB
TWNHS/A119 SJuanita AVE #A$1,680,000$8353/2,0,1,02013/A1996/ASR
SFR/D507 NMaria AVE$1,780,000$1,5713/2,0,0,01133/A1949/ASR
SFR/D607 NLucia AVE$1,850,000$1,9892/1,0,0,0930/A1941/ASR
TWNHS/D711N. Irena AVE #1$1,925,000$6824/2,0,1,02822/A1984/ASR
SFR/D824Emerald ST$1,950,000$8713/2,0,1,02240/O1909/ASR
SFR/D509Anita ST$2,325,509$7534/5,0,0,03087/A2006/ASR
CONDO/A802Camino Real #307$875,000$7263/2,0,0,01206/A1970/ASR
TWNHS/A1200Opal ST #16$1,035,000$7142/2,0,1,01450/A1974/ASR
TWNHS/A520Avenue B #12$1,120,000$1,0052/1,1,0,01114/A1979/ASR
CONDO/D1800 SPacific Coast HWY #70$1,400,000$8373/3,0,0,01672/A2000/ASR
TWNHS/D523 SMaria AVE$1,700,000$7124/2,0,0,12387/A1998/ASR
SFR/D508Avenue D$1,775,000$1,3183/2,0,0,01347/A1951/ASR
SFR/D623 SIrena AVE$3,025,000$1,0734/3,0,0,02818/OTH1952/ASR
SFR/D523 SJuanita AVE$3,310,000$9615/2,2,0,03446/S1951/ASR
SFR/D810 SJuanita AVE$3,475,000$9265/3,1,0,03752/A2005/ASR
SFR/D513Camino Real$3,600,000$1,0585/4,0,0,03403/A1989/ASR
CONDO/A565Esplanade #101$860,000$1,1991/1,0,0,0717/A1970/PUB
CONDO/A140The Village #311$1,075,000$8552/2,0,0,01257/A1980/ASR
CONDO/A230 SCatalina AVE #104$1,150,000$7582/2,0,0,01518/A1974/ASR
CONDO/A150The Village #6$1,300,000$6762/2,0,0,01923/A1980/ASR
CONDO/A512Esplanade #103$1,320,000$6862/1,1,0,01924/A1982/ASR
SFR/D2214Margaret CT$1,500,000$1,0283/1,0,0,01459/A1955/ASR

South Redondo Beach 90277 Income Properties for Sale

Redondo Beach is one of the larger South Bay cities and offers some great opportunities for the real estate investor.  With a healthy amount of duplexes, triplexes and smaller apartment buildings there might be just what you are looking for.

Want an even easier way to search for investment properties?  Tell us just a bit about your ideal dream home and we’ll customize a search just for you and send you listing alerts when a new home comes on the market. Never miss a new income property listing again!

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North Redondo 90278 income properties for sale

Current Investment Properties for Sale in South Redondo Beach

See The Redondo Beach Homes that Sold in May 2022

may 2022 market report - Redondo Beach home prices Average $1,685,000

Take a look below at the homes that sold in Redondo Beach during the month of May 2022.

The activity level was solid but slower with with 60 home sales during the month compared with 76 in April.

The average “list” price was a pretty massive $1,567,867 with the average sold price at $1,685,169 meaning that, in general, homes sold WAY above the original list price.

The average price per foot was $935 and average days on market was a very brief 11 days before going into pending status. 

See how this compares to other months on our Redondo Beach real estate trends and statistics page.

The top sale of the month was a beautiful coastal plantation style home at 632 S Irena in S Redondo Beach 90277 that sold off market for a huge $4,630,000

Seascape 2

May 2022 Redondo Beach Home Sales and Prices

Type AddressPrice$ Per Sq FtBed/BathSq FeetYear
SFR/D103Via La Soledad$2,150,000$1,372.054/2,0,0,01567/AP1954/ASR
SFR/D424Paseo De Las Estrellas$2,210,000$1,391.693/2,0,0,01588/A1954/ASR
SFR/D413Avenida De Jose$2,360,000$1,187.123/1,1,0,11988/A1954/ASR
SFR/D312Camino De Las Colinas$2,700,000$1,438.473/1,1,0,01877/A1952/ASR
SFR/D411Paseo Miramar$3,100,000$989.154/4,0,0,03134/E1999/EST
CONDO2001Artesia BLVD #214$600,000$759.491/0,1,0,0790/2008
TWNHS/A2610Ruhland AVE #4$990,000$686.552/2,0,1,01442/A1982/ASR
CONDO/A2000Mathews AVE #4$991,000$800.482/1,0,1,01238/P1977/PUB
TWNHS/A2000Mathews AVE #6$1,030,000$831.992/1,0,1,01238/A1977/ASR
TWNHS/A2200Vanderbilt LN #17$1,135,000$806.112/3,0,0,01408/A1979/ASR
TWNHS/A2514Gates AVE #C$1,400,000$869.573/2,0,1,01610/A1999/ASR
SFR2119Dufoour AVE #1$1,447,000$663.764/2,0,1,02180/A1973/ASR
CONDO2009Robinson ST #B$1,553,000$877.403/2,0,1,01770/1992
SFR/D1923Curtis AVE$1,825,000$1,064.763/1,1,0,01714/A1952/ASR
TWNHS/A2208Warfield AVE #B$1,905,000$650.174/3,0,0,02930/A2004/PUB
TWNHS/D2216Bataan RD #B$2,150,000$828.844/3,0,1,02594/B2022/BLD
TWNHS/D2311Voorhees AVE #A$2,175,000$970.983/3,0,1,02240/AP2019/PUB
TWNHS/D2206Warfield AVE #A$2,220,000$832.404/3,0,1,02667/B2018/ASR
SFR/D2210Robinson Street$3,000,000$896.335/4,0,1,03347/P2013/PUB
TWNHS/A2211Vanderbilt LN #5$995,000$643.182/2,0,1,01547/A1981/ASR
TWNHS/A2304Mathews AVE #4$1,075,000$721.482/2,0,1,01490/A1978/ASR
CONDO/A2310Vanderbilt LN #4$1,269,500$816.923/2,0,1,01554/A1978/PUB
TWNHS/A2223Grant AVE #C$1,360,000$778.033/2,0,1,01748/A2001/ASR
TWNHS/A1910 ABelmont LN #A$1,538,630$614.964/2,0,1,02502/A1989/ASR
TWNHS/A2310Carnegie LN #B$1,600,000$751.174/3,0,0,02130/A2018/PUB
TWNHS/A2307Vanderbilt Lane #B$1,710,000$822.914/4,0,0,02078/T2017/PUB
TWNHS/A1803 AHuntington LN #A$1,725,000$742.893/2,0,1,02322/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/D2301Harriman LN$2,600,000$833.075/5,0,0,03121/B2022/BLD
SFR/D1203Lilienthal LN$950,000$1,186.022/1,0,0,0801/A1953/ASR
TWNHS/D18518Kingsdale AVE #1$1,135,000$611.533/2,0,1,01856/A2003/PUB
SFR/D1606Carlson Lane$1,388,000$800.463/2,0,0,01734/A1974/ASR
SFR/D1629Ford AVE$1,425,000$802.364/2,0,0,01776/A1968/ASR
SFR/D1712Speyer LN$1,725,000$946.763/2,0,1,01822/A1992/ASR
SFR/D1734Haynes LN$1,735,000$892.493/2,0,1,01944/A1992/EST
SFR/D212 SFrancisca AVE$912,000$1,846.151/1,0,0,0494/A1924/ASR
TWNHS/D1122Vincent ST #A$1,350,000$723.473/2,0,1,01866/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/A230 SGuadalupe AVE #2$1,360,000$963.862/3,0,0,01411/E1981/EST
TWNHS/A221 SFrancisca AVE #A$1,520,000$693.113/2,0,1,02193/P1988/PUB
TWNHS/D508 NJuanita AVE #B$1,700,000$927.954/3,0,0,01832/A1987/ASR
TWNHS/D121 SHelberta AVE #A$1,825,000$649.703/2,0,1,02809/AP1991/PUB
TPLX/A227S Francisca Ave$1,900,000$997.904/3,0,0,01904/A1912/ASR
TWNHS/D502 NHelberta AVE #A$1,900,000$603.753/3,1,1,03147/A1994/ASR
TWNHS/D501 NMaria AVE$2,270,000$862.795/4,0,0,02631/AP2005/OTH
CONDO/A607 SProspect AVE #204$555,000$829.601/1,0,0,0669/A1970/ASR
CONDO/A615 SProspect AVE #207$699,000$715.462/1,1,0,0977/A1970/ASR
CONDO/A611 SProspect AVE #104$830,000$851.282/2,0,0,0975/A1970/ASR
CONDO/A906Camino Real #101$850,000$871.792/2,0,0,0975/A1970/ASR
SFR/D607Sapphire St.$1,810,000$1,869.832/1,0,0,0968/P1948/PUB
SFR/D427Avenue F$2,550,000$1,034.905/3,0,0,02464/A1968/ASR
SFR617 SIrena AVE$4,327,000$1,042.655/2,2,1,04150/A2016/ASR
SFR/D632South Irena Avenue$4,630,000$777.897/7,0,2,05952/S2015/ASR
CONDO/A615Esplanade #508$900,000$1,251.741/1,0,0,0719/A1971/ASR
CONDO/A620The Village #117$1,147,000$1,222.812/2,0,0,0938/P1974/PUB
CONDO/A510The Village #104$1,150,000$788.752/2,0,0,01458/A1980/PUB
SFR/D519 SGuadalupe AVE$1,200,000$1,307.192/1,1,0,0918/A1921/ASR
TWNHS/A206 SCatalina AVE #C$1,200,000$620.803/2,0,1,01933/A1990/ASR
TWNHS/A101 SBroadway #1$1,625,000$811.283/2,0,1,02003/A1980/PUB
CONDO/A531Esplanade #913$1,827,000$1,466.292/1,0,1,01246/A1974/ASR
CONDO/A575Esplanade #105$2,351,000$1,565.252/2,0,0,01502/A1974/ASR
SFR/D1723Ford AVE$1,550,000$932.613/3,0,0,01662/A2001/ASR

Oceanfront Incredible – Hollywood Riviera Estate at 417 and 421 Paseo De La Playa

We’ve talked a lot about this property in the past as it was actually the all time

417 Paseo De La Playa

sales record when it sold a few years back at $22,650,000 in early 2018.

This is an impossible to duplicate property with the incredible combination of oceanfront location, huge 1.4 acre (we don’t generally talk in acres in the South Bay) lot that extends to the sand below and two homes making it a true showcase estate.  There’s nothing else like it on the South Bay.

The property actually consists of 2 distinct homes….the main home with 5

421 Paseo De La Playa

bedrooms and 8 total baths, and the “guest” home with 5 bedrooms and 7 total baths.  Both homes are high on the bluff with unbeatable and unblockable ocean, PV and coastline views.  The properties have stairs down to the beach below which is also a challenge to duplicate due to very restrictive California Coastal Commision restrictions.

The property was actually on the market back in 2020 and 2021 first at $27.0M and then at $23M but never sold.  They also tried to sell the properties separately.

View all of the north Torrance homes currently for sale

417 & 421 Paseo De La Playa Basics

  • 10 total bedrooms
  • 15 total bathrooms
    • Main home 5 bed/8 bath
    • “Guest” home has 5 bedrooms/7 baths
  • 15,728 total square feet (BTV)
    • 417 Paseo De La Playa 10,200 sq feet (buyer to verify)
    • 421 Paso De La Playa 5,528 sq feet (buyer to verify)
  • 7 car total garage parking
  • 62,757 foot lot extending to the beach below
  • Listed by Joshua Altman & Matthew J. Altman – Douglas Elliman of California, Inc. – 310-819-3250

Contact Redondo Beach and Hollywood Riviera real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International for more information.

417 Paseo De La Playa, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 – Listed for $24,995,000

Historic Victorian Home Built in 1909 Garners Lots of Attention

824 Emerald St, Redondo Beach CA 90277

Historic Victorian home Sells quickly

Home Facts – By the Numbers

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 2,240 square feet (BTV)
  • Corner lot
  • Tingley House – Built in 1909
  • Remodeled, updated and added to (internally) in 1992
  • Designated a historic home in Redondo
  • Listed at $1,698,000
  • Listing courtesy of Michelle Accetta – Beach City Brokers – 310-543-3536

824 Emerald St was built in 1909 was completely updated in the 90’s.  This single family home known historically as the Tingley House after the builder is a beautifully kept and updated Queen Anne Victorian straight out of the black and white photos of original Redondo Beach. 

This corner lot charmer offers incredible charm with detailed woodwork and finishes that keep this home feeling like it was when originally built.    The home is located on a great corner lot with a charming front lawn and just blocks to the beach.  As expected this home didn’t last long and as of 5/17 it’s gone into escrow.

View the MLS listing details below.


Contact Redondo Beach real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International to sign up for listing alerts for similar homes

824 Emerald St, Redondo Beach – Listed at $1,698,000

803 N Paulina Redondo Beach CA Sells For $630,000 Over Asking Price!!!!

803 n paulina closes at $4,625,000 in south Redondo Beach

Highest priced home sale of the month

One of the most recent listings and now closed home sales in South Redondo Beach, was a massive single family home located at 803 N Paulina.  The home boasts over 6,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 7 total baths.  The location makes for some nice ocean views from the home and the incredible pool deck.

The home was listed at $3,995,000 and sold for a jaw dropping $4,625,000.  $630,000 over the asking price!

View the MLS listing details below.

803 N Paulina By the Numbers

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 7 bathrooms
  • 6,066 square feet (BTV)
  • Ocean views
  • Built in 2011
  • Listed at $3,995,000 and sold for $4,625,000
  • Listed by Tracy Tutor & Gina Dickerson – Douglas Elliman – 310-595-3888

Contact Redondo Beach real estate specialist Keith Kyle with Vista Sotheby’s International to sign up for listing alerts for similar homes

803 N Paulina, Redondo Beach – Closed at $4,625,000



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