February Home Sales and Prices in the Hollywood Riviera

February was a very slow month for closed home sales in the Hollywood Riviera with only 8 homes sold during the month. That’s the fewest home sales in a month over the past 18 months other than December 2018 and 2019 (which is typically very slow) Prices were solid as they’ve been over the past 18 months with the median list prices of $1,362,000 and a median sales price of $1,335,000.  Average price per foot for sold homes in the community was $784.  Median days on market was only 52 which is another indication of a strong sellers market.     See the Hollywood Riviera real estate stats for the past 15 months below.

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February 2020 Home Sales and Prices in Manhattan Beach.

Type   Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Sale Date
CV19256190 SFR/D 138 Via Colusa    $1,229,000 $1,006.55 2/2,0,0,0 1221/A 1948/ASR 2/12/2020
PV20002771 SFR/D 146 Via Monte Doro    $1,675,000 $604.47 3/1,1,0,1 2771/A 1956/ASR 2/13/2020
SB20029536 SFR/D 135 Calle De Andalucia    $1,100,000 $1,077.38 2/1,0,0,0 1021/A 1949/ASR 2/21/2020
SB20003222 SFR/D 644 Calle Miramar    $1,325,000 $700.69 3/2,0,0,0 1891/A 1958/ASR 2/24/2020
SB19250168 SFR/D 5418 Calle De Arboles    $1,345,000 $613.87 4/3,0,0,0 2191/A 1955/ASR 2/27/2020
SB20006563 SFR/D 4621 Greenmeadows AVE   $1,129,000 $721.87 3/1,2,0,0 1564/A 1953/ASR 2/28/2020
SB19242072 SFR/D 4111 Paseo De Los Tortugas    $1,550,000 $699.77 4/3,0,0,0 2215/A 1968/ASR 2/28/2020
PV19233601 SFR/D 301 Avenida Atezada    $1,925,000 $848.39 3/3,0,0,0 2269/A 1959/ASR 2/28/2020

By the Number – Real Estate Stats for the Hollywood Riviera CA

By the Numbers – Redondo Beach Home Sales and Prices for February 2020

Home Sales in redondo Beach for February

February was a very slow month for closed home sales in Redondo Beach with only 44 homes sold during the month. That’s the fewest home sales in a month over the past 18 months other than December  2019. 

Prices were solid as they’ve been over the past 18 months with the median list prices of $1,199,000 and a median sales price of $1,182,000.  Average price per foot for sold homes in Redondo Beach was $714.  Average days on market was only 55 which is another indication of a strong sellers market.  27 of the home sales were in the 90277 or South Redondo area (8 of those home sales were actually in the Hollywood Riviera which has a Redondo mailing address but is technically in Torrance)  19 of the homes were in North Redondo Beach or 90278 zip code.   See the Redondo Beach real estate stats for the past 15 months below.

February 2020 Home Sales and Prices in Redondo Beach.

MLS # Type   Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Sold Date
SB20029536 SFR/D 135 Calle De Andalucia    $1,100,000 $1,077.38 2/1,0,0,0 1021/A 1949/ASR 2/21/2020
CV19256190 SFR/D 138 Via Colusa    $1,229,000 $1,006.55 2/2,0,0,0 1221/A 1948/ASR 2/12/2020
SB20003222 SFR/D 644 Calle Miramar    $1,325,000 $700.69 3/2,0,0,0 1891/A 1958/ASR 2/24/2020
PV20002771 SFR/D 146 Via Monte Doro    $1,675,000 $604.47 3/1,1,0,1 2771/A 1956/ASR 2/13/2020
PV19233601 SFR/D 301 Avenida Atezada    $1,925,000 $848.39 3/3,0,0,0 2269/A 1959/ASR 2/28/2020
SB20025429 TWNHS/A 2406 N Aviation BLVD   #D $602,500 $464.89 2/1,0,1,0 1296/A 1978/ASR 2/22/2020
20540650 CONDO 2103 FELTON LN   $850,000 $593.99 3/2,0,1,0 1431/ 1986 2/6/2020
SB20011018 SFR/D 2420 Robinson ST   $885,000 $783.19 2/1,0,0,0 1130/A 1937/ASR 2/7/2020
SB20019494 TWNHS/D 1901 Ernest AVE   #A $940,000 $542.41 3/1,1,1,0 1733/A 1988/PUB 2/18/2020
SB20015765 TWNHS/D 1907 Plant #B    $1,605,000 $671.55 4/3,0,1,0 2390/B 2019/BLD 2/27/2020
SB20009823 TWNHS/A 1728 Ruxton LN   #D $920,000 $547.95 3/2,0,1,0 1679/A 2000/ASR 2/21/2020
SB19271210 TWNHS/D 2405 Huntington LN   #2 $991,000 $477.82 4/2,0,0,0 2074/A 1988/ASR 2/19/2020
SB20002740 TWNHS/D 2411 Marshallfield LN   #A $1,185,000 $513.88 4/2,0,1,0 2306/A 2001/ASR 2/27/2020
SB19176335 TWNHS/A 2715 Carnegie LN   #A $1,200,000 $520.83 4/4,1,0,0 2304/E 2019/BLD 2/5/2020
PV19214347 TWNHS/A 1922 Vanderbilt LN   $1,295,000 $533.36 5/5,0,0,0 2428/B 2019/BLD 2/27/2020
PV19214279 TWNHS/A 1807 Green LN   $1,295,000 $556.75 5/5,0,0,0 2326/B 2019/BLD 2/4/2020
SB19285945 TWNHS/D 2508 Harriman    #A $1,585,000 $621.57 4/3,0,1,0 2550/B 2019/BLD 2/25/2020
SB19202634 TWNHS/D 2508 Harriman LN   #B $1,585,000 $609.62 4/3,0,1,0 2600/B 2019/BLD 2/14/2020
BB19276506 CONDO/A 720 Meyer LN   #104 $575,000 $611.05 2/2,0,0,0 941/A 1973/ASR 2/11/2020
PW20004461 CONDO/D 18512 Mansel AVE   $937,500 $473.48 4/2,0,1,0 1980/A 2007/ASR 2/25/2020
SB19279300 SFR/D 1717 Van Horne LN   $1,085,000 $713.82 3/1,0,1,0 1520/A 1966/ASR 2/20/2020
SB20000560 SFR/D 1521 Steinhart AVE   $1,296,230 $674.42 3/2,0,1,0 1922/A 1987/ASR 2/5/2020
SB20004970 SFR/D 1218 Harper Ave    $1,425,000 $834.31 3/2,0,1,0 1708/P 2002/PUB 2/11/2020
SB19237722 SFR/D 1605 Stanford AVE   $1,455,000 $551.14 5/3,0,1,0 2640/A 2007/ASR 2/4/2020
SB19263239 TWNHS/A 834 N Lucia AVE   #D $653,000 $555.74 2/1,1,0,0 1175/A 1973/PUB 2/11/2020
SB19240978 TWNHS/A 220 S Prospect AVE   #5 $765,000 $501.64 3/2,0,1,0 1525/A 1980/ASR 2/14/2020
PV19276401 TWNHS/A 320 N Catalina AVE   #9 $855,000 $539.43 2/2,0,0,0 1585/A 1986/ASR 2/21/2020
SB20006605 TWNHS/A 211 S Helberta AVE  S #4 $930,000 $664.29 2/2,0,1,0 1400/E 1986/EST 2/12/2020
SB19278156 TWNHS/A 217 S Helberta AVE   #5 $1,179,000 $585.11 3/2,0,1,0 2015/A 1981/ASR 2/13/2020
SB19223229 TWNHS/D 102 S Prospect AVE   #A $1,249,000 $618.01 3/1,1,1,0 2021/B 2019/BLD 2/7/2020
SR20039182 SFR/D 817 N Maria AVE   $1,285,000 $1,148.35 2/2,0,0,0 1119/A 1950/ASR 2/21/2020
SB19268645 SFR/D 308 N Francisca AVE   $1,575,000 $916.76 4/3,0,0,0 1718/A 1906/ASR 2/7/2020
SB19242337 CONDO/A 611 S Prospect AVE   #104 $575,000 $589.74 2/1,1,0,0 975/A 1970/ASR 2/4/2020
SB19215318 SFR/D 836 Avenue A    $950,000 $626.65 3/2,0,0,0 1516/A 1952/ASR 2/28/2020
SB19207076 SFR/D 517 Avenue F    $1,405,000 $655.01 4/1,3,0,0 2145/A 1959/ASR 2/26/2020
SB20042388 SFR/D 778 Avenue C    $3,259,000 $775.95 6/5,0,1,0 4200/O 2017/EST 2/26/2020
SB19252588 CONDO/A 610 The Village    #203 $595,000 $961.23 1/1,0,0,0 619/A 1974/ASR 2/21/2020
SB20009013 CONDO/A 721 Esplanade    #606 $890,000 $1,112.50 1/1,0,0,0 800/A 1971/ASR 2/6/2020
SB19251456 CONDO/A 420 Esplanade    #4 $1,050,000 $583.33 2/2,0,0,0 1800/A 1985/PUB 2/12/2020
SB19278219 TWNHS/A 128 S Broadway    #D $1,069,000 $615.07 3/2,0,1,0 1738/A 1990/ASR 2/7/2020
PV20032041 CONDO/A 615 Esplanade    #810 $1,200,000 $1,203.61 2/2,0,0,0 997/A 1971/ASR 2/13/2020
SB19258079 DPLX/D 905 S Catalina Ave    $1,750,000 $742.47 5/3,0,0,0 2357/P 1957/PUB 2/19/2020
PV19173612 SFR/D 717 Esplanade    $9,675,000 $1,376.64 4/5,0,3,0 7028/T 2000/ASR 2/14/2020
OC19227350 SFR/D 3108 Vail AVE   $950,000 $1,118.96 2/1,0,0,0 849/A 1943/ASR 2/28/2020

By the Numbers – Real Estate Stats for Redondo Beach CA

Just Listed – 2 Bedroom Oceanview Condo in The Village Redondo Beach

630 The Village #116 Redondo Beach CA

The Village condos in Redondo Beach are one of the most affordable complexes in South Redondo that offer ocean views.  Usually when a condo comes on the market it’s a 1 bedroom as the make up 75% of the homes that were built in the 70s.  A rare 2 bedroom condo just came on the market and it offers some pretty spectacular views….especially for a 1st floor unit.  The two bedrooms in each building are always the units closest to the water so views are always best in these layouts.

630 The Village #116, Redondo Beach CA

Let’s Get Started – Tools for Buyers and Sellers

Welcome to our quick start real estate page. Whether you are a home buyer, just looking or are a seller and thinking of listing your home, this is the best place to start. Click on one of our links to get started with the home search, find out about buying a home and get the value of your Redondo Beach home in today’s real estate market.


Understanding Closing Costs in Redondo Beach

You can generally break down all closing costs into four basic groups:

  1. Amounts paid to state and local governments. These include city, county and state transfer taxes, recordation fees, and prepaid property taxes.
  2. Costs of obtaining a loan or mortgage. These fees include title insurance, appraisals, credit checks, loan origination and documentation fees, commitment and processing fees, hazard and mortgage insurance and interest prepayments.
  3. Escrow company fees
  4. Although not technically closing costs there are also expensese such as home inspection, termite inspection, etc.  Although highly recommended, they are not required and at the buyers discretion.

Unfortunately there are plenty of other fees that you’ll have to pay during the closing. Many of these costs are actually negotiated during the offer and counter offer process. All closing costs are spelled out in the lender’s estimate. The Settlement Statement from escrow shows all actual charges imposed on borrower in connection with the settlement before close of escrow. If you see a charge that doesn’t make sense, or that no other lender has, it’s time to ask questions.

Here’s an example of what you can expect to pay (some costs vary widely from state to state, so you should determine exactly what you will have to pay) :

Property Inspection – We strongly recommend that every home has a physical inspection done during the escrow period. A qualified inspector can find many potential problems early in the process which allows you to request repairs, request a credit, obtain further specific inspections, or even back out of the deal. Inspections generally run between $400 and $750 depending on the size of the home.

Transfer Taxes – Los Angeles County has a tax of $1.10 per $1,000 (of purchase price) on the sale of a home.  Although it is negotiated it is standard for the seller to pay this in the South Bay.

City Transfer Tax – Unfortunately Redondo Beach is one of the few cities that has a separate transfer tax.  The documentary transfer tax in Redondo Beach is $2.20 per $1,000 (of purchase price).  It is customary (although again negotiated during offer) that the buyer and seller split this cost 50/50

Escrow Company Fee – While it may be different in other states, California real estate often involves an escrow company.  These companies charge a relatively standard amount based on the sales price.   Their fees are sometimes negotiable.

Discount and Origination Points – Points are equal to a percent of the loan amount. 1.00 point is equal to 1.00% of the loan amount. Discount points represent additional money you can pay to the lender at closing. If you pay more points it will lower the interest rate. Usually, for each point you pay for a 30-year loan, your interest rate is reduced by about 1/8th (or .125) of a percentage point. Paying points can be good if you plan on living in the home for a long time.

Origination Points (or Loan origination fee) charged by the lender for evaluating, preparing, and submitting a proposed mortgage loan. Origination fees are often expressed as a percentage. A one percent loan origination fee is equal to 1% of the loan amount. Some lenders add origination points into their quoted points while other lenders add an origination point in addition to their quoted points.

Application Fee covers the lender’s cost to process the information on your loan. Usually, you must pay this charge at the time you file the application. Some lenders may apply the cost of the application fee to certain closing costs. Generally lenders do not refund this application fee if you are not approved for the loan or if you decide not to take it.

Appraisal Fee – This fee ($450 to $800 depending on the price of the home) pays for an independent appraisal of the home you want to purchase. The lender requires this estimate of the market value of the house for the loan. Factors to be considered in determining market value are: present cash value; use; location; replacement value of improvements; condition; income from property; net proceeds if the property is sold, etc. The appraisal is a critical factor in determining how much of a mortgage the bank or mortgage company will approve. After the appraisal is completed, the borrower is normally entitled to a copy of the appraisal from the lender.

Credit report Fee –  Three major national credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) supply lenders with the information on your credit behavior. Consumers typically pay $45 to $55 for this report.

Title search and title insurance –  A title search is a detailed examination of the historical records concerning a property. These records include deeds, court records, property and name indexes, and many other documents. The purpose of the search is to make sure the buyer is purchasing a house from the legal owner and there are no liens, overdue special assessments, or other claims or outstanding restrictive covenants filed in the record, which would adversely affect the marketability or value of title.

A title search can show a number of title defects among these are unpaid taxes, unsatisfied mortgages and judgments against the seller. But there are some hidden defects that even the most diligent title search may never reveal. For instance, the previous owner could have incorrectly stated his marital status, resulting in a possible claim by his legal spouse. Other problems include things like fraud, forgery, defective deeds, mental incompetence, confusion due to similar or identical names, and clerical errors in the records. These defects can arise after you have purchased your home and jeopardize your right to ownership.

Generally speaking it is standard in California for the seller to pay for “owners” title insurance policy and the buyer to pay for a “lenders” title insurance policy.

A certificate of title – issued by a title company that did the title search — offers no protection against any hidden defects in the title which an examination of the records could not reveal. A title insurance protects against any tax liens, unpaid mortgages, or judgments missed in the research of the history of title on the property. If a claim is made against your property, title insurance will, in accordance with the terms of your policy, assure you of a legal defense and pay all court costs and related fees. Also, if the claim proves valid, you will be reimbursed for your actual loss up to the face amount of the policy.

Basically there are two different types of policies – a lender’s policy and an owner’s policy. The lender’s policy protects the lender’s interest in the property as security for the outstanding balance under the buyer’s mortgage. The owner’s policy safeguards the buyer’s investment or equity in the property up to the face amount of the policy. The cost of the policy is usually based on the loan amount.

It is required to obtain a lender’s title insurance policy only if there is a loan involved. If you also desire the protection of title insurance you should purchase a buyer’s title policy. This is a one time premium, and usually the cheapest rate might be offered by the company that did the title search. It is also advisable to inquire about the seller’s title insurance policies on the property, for it may be possible for you to obtain a policy at a lower reissue rate.

Prepaid Lender Required Costs – Many lenders require you to pay for some items that will come due after closing. These prepaid items usually include insurance premiums (for Homeowners Insurance — also called Hazard, or Fire Insurance — and Private Mortgage Insurance) and Real Estate Taxes.

Recording and Transfer Charges – A small fee (to $150 to $350) to cover the cost of the paperwork required to record your home purchase.

Interim interest – Accrued interest from closing date until the end of the month.

Bring in the Experts – A Good Home Inspector Can Make a World of Difference

When purchasing a home, one of the most  important steps  is the home inspection. It’s critical to work with a good home inspector that will help you better understand about the structural, safety and even cosmetic issues with the house. Home inspectors don’t inspect everything and sometimes other inspections and inspectors are warranted. Home inspectors generally don’t inspect for wood destroying pests (termites), mold, and a good home inspector will often advise you to have addtional inspections or estimates from contractors, plumbers, roofers, etc. A good realtor will help guide you through the inspection process and help you find a great Redondo Beach home inspector.



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